Thanksgiving Activities

Mosaic Planters

Keep busy on Thanksgiving by making this mosaic planter.
Keep busy on Thanksgiving by making this mosaic planter.

Turn your spring planters into mosaic planters with a fun Thanksgiving holiday craft activity.

What You'll Need:



Assortment of dried beans

Empty can


White glue

Small paintbrush

Shellac or clear nail polish

Dried flowers

Before you begin to make these planters, sketch out pattern ideas on paper first. Look at your beans and arrange them on a table, then copy the design you like on paper, using a different colored crayon for each of the colored beans.

Refer to your sketch as you glue the beans onto the can. Make sure that your can really is clean and that all the paper labels are removed before you start. Sandpaper the can so that the beans will stick better.

Paint a thin layer of glue on one area at a time, and glue the beans on in your chosen design. Cover the can so little metal shows through. Protect your design with one or two coats of shellac or clear nail polish.

Fill the can with dried flowers for a harvest theme decoration. Or use the can in a few months when you start your spring seedlings.

The first to give thanks were the pilgrims, so why not make a set of salt and pepper pilgrims for your holiday table? Go to the next page to learn more.

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