Sweetest Day Crafts

Sugar Cube Sculptures

A castle made from sugar cubes is an architectural delight.
A castle made from sugar cubes is an architectural delight.

Sugar is sweet -- but it can also be art! These Sweetest Day sugar cube sculptures will make a unique present for someone you want to remember.

What You'll Need:




old newspapers

sugar cubes

thick poster paints



Sweetest Day started as a way to remember the orphans and shut-ins who felt forgotten or neglected. One small kind act or gift can mean so much to a person who needs attention -- a homemade gift is always especially appreciated.

Cut a square or circle of cardboard to make the base for your sculpture. You can also write a message to the person you are giving the sculpture to on this base.

Cover your work area with old newspapers. Paint sugar cubes in a variety of colors; let them dry. When they are ready, glue the cubes together to make interesting shapes on top of the base.

You might want to build a little sugar cube house or castle, or stack the sugar cubes in a pattern of repeating colors. Think about who you are giving your sculpture to, and let thoughts of them guide your imagination to create a truly original work of art.

(Don't eat the sugar cubes. They are for your art project, not for eating!)

Flowers and candy are great Sweetest Day gifts -- especially when they're combined. Keep reading to learn how to make some very sweet flowers.

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