Sweetest Day Crafts

Tiny Secret Box

Share your thoughts with a tiny secret box.
Share your thoughts with a tiny secret box.

A tiny secret box will touch someone's heart this Sweetest Day.

What You'll Need:

Empty sliding matchbox

Construction paper

Fabric scraps





There is something irresistible about a miniature scene hidden away in a tiny box. It's almost as though you are telling someone a lovely little secret.

Maybe you know someone who has been sick in bed or a senior citizen who lives alone. These tiny secret boxes would be a really sweet way to help them celebrate this Sweetest Day.

Slide the top off an empty matchbox. Line the box with pretty paper or a square of soft fabric. Cut out or draw tiny pictures to make a little scene to glue inside the box. Does the person you are giving this gift to love the ocean? Make a cheery beach scene inside your box.

Finish your box by gluing construction paper to the outside of the matchbox and writing a little message to your friend, such as "You're Sweet" or "I'll Never Forget You."

Next, you'll learn how to bake some delicious tarts for Sweetest Day. Just try not to eat them all before you can share them.

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