Sweetest Day Crafts

A Sweetest Day Castle sugar cube sculpture.
A Sweetest Day Castle sugar cube sculpture.

Sweetest Day crafts help to make the holiday -- which is celebrated on the third Saturday of October -- more fun. It was first celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1921 as a way to remember the poor, sick and orphaned children in the city.

Today, Sweetest Day is mostly celebrated in the Great Lakes region of the United States -- but wherever you live you can celebrate by making Sweetest Day crafts.

Try these Sweetest Day crafts with your kids:

Tiny Secret Box

Psst! Do you want to hear a secret? Pass along a sweet secret message in this tiny secret box.

You're Sweet Tarts

Show your loved ones how sweet you think they are by baking them some of these delicious tarts.

Sugar Cube Sculptures

Sugar is sweet -- but it can also be art. Learn how to make these sugary Sweetest Day sculptures.

Flower of Candy

Flowers and candy are two popular gifts on Sweetest Day. With this project, you can combine the two into one great gift.

The first craft in the article is a miniature box for storing secrets. Go ahead and click next -- we won't tell!

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