St. Patrick's Day Activities

Pot o' Gold Game

The lucky winner gets a pot o' gold!
The lucky winner gets a pot o' gold!

What brings good luck on St. Patrick's Day? Finding a four-leaf clover, wearing green socks, kissing the Blarney Stone, and playing the Pot o' Gold game.

What You'll Need:

Yellow, black, and green construction paper




This is a game for two to five people.

Use yellow construction paper to make a large circle. Cut ten quarter-sized shamrocks out of green paper. Glue them on the circle in a random pattern.

Cut out ten black banshee spots -- these circles should be twice as large as the shamrocks. Glue them on the circle in a random fashion.

Stand five or six feet from the Pot o' Gold. Each player gets to toss a penny a turn. If your penny lands on a lucky shamrock, then you get to keep it. (The penny does not have to be completely on the shamrock, it can be touching the pot. Also, if your penny touches both a shamrock and a banshee spot, it is counted as landing on a banshee spot.) But if it lands on a banshee spot, you have to leave it on the board. (If your penny doesn't land on either a shamrock or banshee spot, you get another chance to throw it. After that, you must leave your penny on the pot.)

The next player whose penny lands on a lucky shamrock gets to pick up all the "gold" on the board. The player with the most pennies at the end of the game wins.

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