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St. Patrick's Day Activities

Limber Liam Leprechaun

Limber Liam Leprechaun.
Limber Liam Leprechaun.

This little Limber Liam Leprechaun might be dancing a jig behind your back this St. Patrick's Day -- but he'll not so much as hop while you watch him.

What You'll Need:

Pink and green crepe paper




5 chenille stems

Cotton ball


Clear tape


Green and black felt or cloth scraps


Spring clothespin

Cut the pink and green crepe paper into 6x1-1/2-inch pieces. Twist the chenille stems together to make the leprechaun's "bones." Stick a cotton ball on the top of the neck, and wrap it with thread to keep it in place.

Wrap the pink crepe paper around the head and the green crepe paper around the figure. Wrap each body part separately so that you can bend the chenille stems at the joints in order to pose your leprechaun. Use more paper on the upper legs or arms to make them thicker; use less on the knees so you can pose them. Secure the ends of crepe paper with clear tape.

Use markers to draw a leprechaun face. Make your leprechaun a green suit and black belt out of felt or cloth scraps and glue them on him. To make him stand up, clip a clothespin to his heel.

Next, you'll learn how to capture a bit of the luck o' the Irish this St. Patrick's Day with your very own lucky charms.

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