St. Nicholas Day Crafts

By: Kersten Hamilton & Lisa Lerner

St. Nick Storybook

St. Nick Storybook craft.
St. Nick Storybook craft.

This St. Nicholas Day storybook, puts your friends and family in a book about St. Nick.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper






Thin cardboard

Colored tape




To make a homemade book, measure and cut six to ten pieces of light-colored construction paper into 8x6-inch rectangles. Fold the sheets in half. Staple the sheets together in the fold.

Cut out two pieces of cardboard, 4x3 inches each, for the front and back covers. Use a strip of colored tape for the spine of the book. Place the tape sticky side up, and press the cardboard covers down on it, leaving a gap for the pages of the book. Then open the stapled pages flat on top of the covers, and press them onto the tape.

Add another thin strip of tape down the center of the pages, and press the tape around to the spine. You are ready to write the story of St. Nick.

St. Nicholas has long been considered a good luck charm -- make your own charm following the instructions on the next page.

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