St. Nicholas Day Crafts

By: Kersten Hamilton & Lisa Lerner

These St. Nicholas Day crafts will help you celebrate the life of St. Nick.

In many European countries, December 6 is known as St. Nicholas Day. The holiday celebrates the life of St. Nicholas, a figure who is similar to the one American children know as Santa Claus.


Although Santa Claus and St. Nicholas aren't technically the same person, many of the traditions are shared. For example, St. Nicholas has a white beard and a red robe, and travels through the country giving gifts to the children who appear on his list of "good boys and girls."

In this article you'll learn how to make some cool crafts to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Check out the links below to learn more:

St. Nick Storybook

During the holidays everybody loves to tell stories about St. Nick delivering toys to the children. Learn how to make your own book in which you can write your story.

St. Nick Charm

In the old days, sailors carried an icon of St. Nicholas for good luck. Learn how to make your own good luck charm.

Write your own St. Nicholas story with a storybook you can make yourself. Go to the next page to learn how.

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St. Nick Storybook

St. Nick Storybook craft.
St. Nick Storybook craft.

This St. Nicholas Day storybook, puts your friends and family in a book about St. Nick.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper






Thin cardboard

Colored tape




To make a homemade book, measure and cut six to ten pieces of light-colored construction paper into 8x6-inch rectangles. Fold the sheets in half. Staple the sheets together in the fold.

Cut out two pieces of cardboard, 4x3 inches each, for the front and back covers. Use a strip of colored tape for the spine of the book. Place the tape sticky side up, and press the cardboard covers down on it, leaving a gap for the pages of the book. Then open the stapled pages flat on top of the covers, and press them onto the tape.

Add another thin strip of tape down the center of the pages, and press the tape around to the spine. You are ready to write the story of St. Nick.

St. Nicholas has long been considered a good luck charm -- make your own charm following the instructions on the next page.

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St. Nick Charm

Create a St. Nick Charm for St. Nicholas Day.
Create a St. Nick Charm for St. Nicholas Day.

Give someone a St. Nick charm for safe travels.

What You'll Need:



Hot water


Measuring cups and spoons

Mixing bowl and spoon

Rolling pin

Drinking glass

Cookie sheet

Markers or paints


Thin cord

In Italy, sailors put the symbol of St. Nicholas on the prow of their ships for a safe voyage. You can make your own good-luck charm.

First, you will have to make clay. To make the clay, mix 1 cup salt into 1-1/2 cups hot water. Ask an adult to help you so you don't burn yourself. When the mixture cools, add 1 cup flour, and mix until smooth.

Add another cup of flour and continue to mix with a spoon. Add another 1-1/2 to 2 cups flour by kneading the clay with your hands. If the clay is sticky, add more flour. If it is dry, add a little more water, a few drops at a time.

Ask an adult to preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Form a 3-inch ball, and roll it out with your rolling pin on a floured counter. Press the rim of a drinking glass into the clay to cut out a circular shape. Cut out as many charms as you want.

Use a pencil to poke a hole near the top of each circle. Bake the charms on a cookie sheet for thirty minutes. When they cool, use paint or markers to make St. Nick's face. Thread cord through the hole in the charm.

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