St. Nicholas Day Crafts

By: Kersten Hamilton & Lisa Lerner

These St. Nicholas Day crafts will help you celebrate the life of St. Nick.

In many European countries, December 6 is known as St. Nicholas Day. The holiday celebrates the life of St. Nicholas, a figure who is similar to the one American children know as Santa Claus.


Although Santa Claus and St. Nicholas aren't technically the same person, many of the traditions are shared. For example, St. Nicholas has a white beard and a red robe, and travels through the country giving gifts to the children who appear on his list of "good boys and girls."

In this article you'll learn how to make some cool crafts to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Check out the links below to learn more:

St. Nick Storybook

During the holidays everybody loves to tell stories about St. Nick delivering toys to the children. Learn how to make your own book in which you can write your story.

St. Nick Charm

In the old days, sailors carried an icon of St. Nicholas for good luck. Learn how to make your own good luck charm.

Write your own St. Nicholas story with a storybook you can make yourself. Go to the next page to learn how.

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