Santa's Special Delivery Quilt Pattern

Finishing the Quilt

You're almost there! Use these directions to help you make the quilt border, add backing and batting, and bind the quilt. Be sure to download this two-page PDF of Santa's Special Delivery Quilt Pattern for an up-close view.

To finish the Santa's Special Delivery Quilt Pattern:

  1. Flying geese border: From background fabric cut a hundred 21/2-inch squares (draw diagonals). From multicolored fabrics cut fifty 41/2 X 21/2-inch pieces. Sew a 21/2-inch square to right side of a 41/2 X 21/2-inch piece. Cut fabric away above seam line. Repeat for left side. Make 50. Sew 16 blocks together with points all going in same direction. Repeat. Sew 4 blocks together with points going up. Sew a star block to top of 4 geese blocks. Sew a 1-sided bordered star on top of unbordered star (with border between stars). Sew 5 geese blocks together with points going down. Sew to top of geese/stars strip. Sew a 2-sided bordered star to top and bottom of strip. Repeat.

  2. Sew strip of 16 geese blocks to bottom and top of quilt. Sew stars/geese strips to right and left side of quilt.

  3. Cut backing and batting 2 inches larger than quilt face. Place quilt face on top of backing and batting. Pin baste with 1-inch safety pins. Mark quilting design with washable marking pencil. Starting in center, quilt with small even stitches. Trim batting and backing even with quilt face.

  4. For binding: Cut six 21/2-inch-wide strips width of fabric. Join all strips end to end. See How to Quilt to finish binding.

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