Santa's Special Delivery Quilt Pattern

Making Quilt Rows 6-8

The following steps will help you complete rows 6-8 of the quilt pattern and then piece them to the rows you've already created. If you need a close-up view of the quilt and its patterns, download this two-page PDF of Santa's Special Delivery Quilt.

To make rows 6-8 of Santa's Special Delivery Quilt Pattern:

  1. Row 6: Sew a 1-inch background square on diagonal to the top left and another to the bottom left of 4 X 21/2-inch beard piece. Cut fabric away above and below seam line. To same beard piece sew 1-inch suit square to bottom right. Cut fabric away below seam line (piece A). Sew 1-inch beard square to top left of 61/2 X 31/2-inch suit piece. Cut fabric away above seam line. To same suit piece sew 11/2-inch background square to top right side. Cut fabric away above seam line (piece B). Sew 3 X 11/2-inch background piece to left side of 31/2 X 11/2-inch beard piece (piece C). Sew 21/2-inch background square to piece A (piece D). Sew piece C to top of piece D. Sew CD to left side of piece B. Sew 11/2 X 31/2-inch background piece to right side of piece ABCD.

  2. Row 7: Sew 11/2-inch black square to bottom left of 11/2 X 21/2-inch background piece. Cut fabric away below seam line. Sew 71/2 X 51/2-inch suit piece to top of 71/2 X 21/2-inch fur piece. To left of this block sew 3 X 71/2-inch background piece (this is piece A). Sew 21/2-inch suit square to left side of black/background piece (this is piece B). Sew 11/2-inch background square to left side of 21/2 X 11/2-inch black piece (this is piece C). Sew bottom of piece B to top of piece C. Sew bottom of piece BC to top of 31/2 X 41/2-inch background piece. To left of piece BC sew piece A.

  3. Row 8: Sew 11/2-inch background square to left side of 3 X 11/2-inch black piece. Sew bottom of this piece to top of 4 X 21/2-inch black piece. Repeat. To left of first shoe block sew 2 X 31/2-inch background piece. To right of same shoe block sew 11/2 X 31/2-inch background piece and to the right of that sew second shoe block. To right of this piece sew 31/2-inch background square.

  4. Sew bottom of row 6 to top of row 7 and bottom of row 7 to top of row 8. Sew bottom of rows 1-5 to top of rows 6-8. Using black embroidery floss, sew on small button for eye. Using finger, blush Santa's cheek.

Now that you've completed rows 1-8 of the quilt pattern, take a look at the next page for directions on quilting the star, the tree, and other sections.

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