New Year's Day Activities

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New New Year Family Tradition for Kids

A 12-pocket keepsake folder is a great way to keep track of your family's New Year resolutions.
A 12-pocket keepsake folder is a great way tokeep track of your family's New Year resolutions.

Start a New New Year Family Tradition! Blow your horns! Bang on your pots and pans! Say "Happy New Year," and then say "Hooray" for the new New Year "family forget-me-not good times folder" you are about to start. It's a memory-saving tradition you'll want to keep honoring year after year!

What You'll Need:

12-pocket accordion folder (you can find these at an office supply store)


Black permanent marker

Craft supplies: markers, glue, felt, sequins, etc.

With black permanent marker, label each section of the folder with the months of the year, starting with January at the front and going to December (last folder section). Then label the outside of the folder "Forget-Me-Not Good Times Folder," and put the current year on it.

Have everyone decorate the outside of the folder -- you can all choose one theme to use or you can each take a corner or section of the outside of the folder and decorate with your own style. Let the folder dry thoroughly.

On New Year's Day, start filling up the folder! Throughout the year, whenever you and all your family members go to the movies, play miniature golf, see a circus, go to a fair, give a party, go to one, or go on a vacation, place mementos of the event in the folder.

Ticket stubs, invitations, programs, postcards, brochures, napkins, and anything else that will remind you of the great times you've had are all good things to save.

After a year of collecting, celebrate New Year's Eve with the grand opening of the folder! Take turns picking an item from the folder and telling your memories of that event.

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