New Year's Day Activities

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Lunar New Year Garden for Kids

You can plant a simple Lunar New Year garden for kids that will flower just in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Celebrated on the first day of the first lunar month, the Chinese Lunar New Year usually occurs sometime in January or February. The narcissus is a traditional New Year's flower in China and symbolizes good luck.

What You'll Need:

One narcissus bulb


A shallow bowl


A watering can or pitcher

To "force" the narcissus to bloom early, place the pebbles in a shallow bowl. Set the narcissus bulb in the pebbles with the pointy side up. Then, place the bulb in a sunny window, making sure to keep the bulb adequately watered at all times. Flowers should blossom in about four to five weeks.

Alternatively, a hyacinth bulb can also be forced to blossom by setting it in a glass of water, with the pointy side up, so the bottom of the bulb is sitting in the water.

You can make a cone-shaped paper hat to cover the tip. Keep the bulb in a cool place for eight weeks, making sure it has enough water at all times. After 8 weeks, move it to a warm spot and watch it bloom.

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