Mother's Day Spinning Card

Show your mom all of the reasons you love her with the spinning card.
Show your mom all of the reasons you love her with the spinning card.

There are lots of creative ways to turn giving a card into a craft, but here's one that can show how much mom is loved a dozen times over.


  • Construction paper
  • Brad (brass fastener)
  • Large paper plate
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape


First, take the paper plate and use it to trace a circle onto a sheet of construction paper. Cut out the construction paper circle, then choose a different colored piece and make second, slightly larger circle.


Next, using a smaller guide -- maybe a glass or a bowl about half the circumference of the other two -- cut a third circle and tape a piece of string to the back of it. Cut two rectangular holes out of the medium-sized circle (one that opens onto the larger circle and one that opens onto the smaller circle) and then fasten all three together with the brad, the larger one on the bottom and the smallest one sandwiched in the middle.

Next, write the start of a special message for mom on the top circle above the first rectangle, something like "Mom, you're…" and above the second one "because…" Then spin the circle around, filling in each blank with something complimentary about mom -- in the first one, an adjective describing her and in the second a reason why -- so that it ends up giving her a huge multiplicity of happy messages.

With a turn of the wheel and a tug of the string, the card could tell her: "Mom, you're great because you always help me with my homework" or "Mom, you're wonderful because you always make us such awesome dinners."