Mother's Day Crafts

Loved-One Mother's Day Locket

Loved-one Mother's Day locket craft.
Loved-one Mother's Day locket craft.

With this pretty Loved-One Locket, your mom can keep you close to her heart long past Mother's Day. Locket necklaces are a wonderful way to hold photographs of loved ones.

What You'll Need:

2 twist-off bottle caps

Colored nail polish

Felt scraps

Small photo of your face



Silk cord

Paint both bottle caps inside and out with a light coat of colored nail polish. Paint one side at a time, use even strokes, and let dry for at least 15 minutes before continuing. You may need to add a second coat to cover the bottle cap well.

Cut a small strip of felt in a color that matches the nail polish. Glue one end inside each cap to form a hinge. This will allow the caps to close and form a locket.

Cut out and glue another piece of felt inside one cap and glue a picture of your face, also cut to fit, inside the other cap. Make sure the felt hinge is at the top of the locket, and your photo is face-up in the cap that will hang against Mom's neck.

You might want to cut out a small felt heart or other decoration to glue to the outside of the locket.

When the glue has dried, tie a silk cord around the hinge of the locket. Then tie the ends together to form a loop large enough to fit an adult head.

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