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Mother's Day Crafts

Mom 'n' Me Book

A Mom 'n' Me Book is sure to bring tears of joy to your mom's eyes this Mother's Day! It is a beautiful gift that will show your mom what she means to you.

What You'll Need:

25 small brown paper bags




Two 9-inch squares of heavy cardboard


Metal ruler

Clear plastic tape

Wrapping paper

White glue

Hole punch

Two clothespins


Along a seam, cut a side of a bag to the bottom. Cut the bottom off the bag. Repeat for all bags. Unfold the bags to make squares. Trim the bags to the size of the cardboard (9-inch squares).

Have an adult help you iron the bags with a cool iron to make them flat. Draw a line one inch from an edge of each of the cardboard squares.

Use the edge of the ruler to bend the cardboard along the line. Bend it back and forth, until it works like a paper hinge. Put a strip of plastic tape on each side of the cardboard covering the hinge. Glue wrapping paper on the cardboard.

Punch a hole in the one inch section of your covers 2 inches from the top of the book, and another hole 2 inches from the bottom. Punch holes to match in the cut ends of the paper bags.

Stack all the bags between the covers and clamp them with the clothespins.

Thread the ribbon from the inside to the outside of the cover. Tie ribbon in a knot, and make a bow.

Write a title on the front cover, and decorate it. Fill it with thoughts and pictures of Mom.

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