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Mother's Day Crafts

Cozy Mother's Day Glasses Case

Moms with glasses will surely appreciate these soft cozy cases this Mother's Day.

What You'll Need:

Old necktie




Manicure scissors

Sticky-backed Velcro dots


Blue glue gel

Find a necktie wide enough to fit a pair of eyeglasses. Cut a 10-inch piece from the widest end (do not include the pointed part at the tie's bottom in your measurement).

If there is a tag inside the tie, carefully cut it out with manicure scissors. Fold the cut edges together, and glue them shut.

When that glue is dry, fold the tie in half, bringing the end up to just before the tie starts to narrow.

Glue the sides together to create an envelope. Use clothespins to hold the sides together until the glue dries.

Make a fastener on the open end of the tie by pressing a sticky-backed Velcro dot on the inside of the pointed end of the tie, folding it over, and placing another Velcro dot on the tie to match up with the first Velcro dot.

Mother's Day is all about honoring your mother. A great way to do this is with a special book filled with pictures and thoughts. On the next page learn how to make the memorable Mom 'n' Me Book.

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