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Mother's Day Crafts

Breakfast Bouquet

The Breakfast Bouquet will look lovely when set on a Mother's Day breakfast tray and will last long after Mother's Day is over.

What You'll Need:

Blown eggs



Cardboard egg cartons

Construction paper

Paint, Paintbrushes



Wooden beads

Chenille stems

Florist tape

Crepe paper

Vase or glass bottle


To Make a Tulip:

Using very sharp scissors, carefully cut Vs around the small end of a blown egg. Paint the blown egg light pink with darker pink vertical stripes.

To Make a Daisy:

Glue white paper petals around the base of a yellow egg.

To Make a Tiger Lily:

Cut a cup out of the egg carton to make the base of a tiger lily. Paint it orange, and glue on orange and brown spotted paper petals.

Other Flowers:

Other flowers can be made by painting egg carton cups in pretty colors and gluing a yellow pom or a wooden bead in the center of each.

Putting the Bouquet Together:

Make stems for your flowers using green chenille stems and florist tape. You can also glue on green crepe paper leaves to your stems.

After making your different flowers, place the flower arrangement in a vase or clean, empty bottle, and tie it with a colorful ribbon.

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