Mother's Day Crafts

Roll-Up Roses

Roll-up roses Mother's Day craft.
Roll-up roses Mother's Day craft.

Would you like to give your mom a beautiful vase of roses that will never wilt? Then the Roll-up Roses bouquet is perfect for this Mother's Day.

What You'll Need:

10x20-inch pieces of tissue paper


Florist tape

Floral stem wires

Stapler, Vase

Perfume (optional)

Lay the yardstick on the long edge of a sheet of crepe paper. Fold the paper over the ruler, turning the ruler as you keep folding. The folds should be a bit loose. Leave one inch unwrapped at the bottom (we will call this the fringe).

When you are done folding, grab an end of the paper in each hand and push it all to the center of the ruler. This will give the petals a nice texture. Pull the ruler out.

Make a little loop at the end of a stem wire. Staple the loop onto the folded portion at one end of your crepe paper strip; the fringe of unfolded crepe paper should be just below the staple.

Starting with the end where your stem is stapled, roll the paper up. Roll it tightly at first, and then a little more loosely at the end. Gather the fringe and twist it so that it wraps around the stem.

Wrap florist tape around the twisted crepe paper fringe and 2 inches down the stem of the rose.

Spray them with perfume to make them smell sweet!

Flowers are a great gift for Mother's Day. Continue to the next page to learn how to make another bouquet with different types of flowers.

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