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Mother's Day Activities

Golden Jewelry for Kids

Make fancy jewelry for mom.
Make fancy jewelry for mom.

Mother's Day activities and crafts are fun for kids, and mom loves to see all the love that the kids put into the projects. These golden jewelry pins take patience for kids to make, but mom's expression will be worth it. She'll also have fun matching the pins with her outfits and showing them off to friends and family.

What You'll Need:

Animal crackers


Oval or oblong crackers

White acrylic spray paint

Small paintbrushes


Gold acrylic paint


Pin backs

Cool-temp glue gun

Pick an animal cracker and an oval cracker for the backing. Brush away all loose crumbs and salt from the front and back of the crackers.

Have a grownup spray paint one side of the crackers white. When dry, have the adult spray paint the other side. The crackers should be completely white.

Paint sealer on the back of the crackers to seal them. Let them dry. Turn them over to seal the top and sides. Let them dry.

Paint the animal and the oval cracker with golden acrylic paint. When dry, glue the animal cracker to the middle of the oval cracker. After the glue has dried, add another coat of gold paint.

When the paint is completely dry, seal it by painting it with a thick coat of sealer. When the sealer is dry, have an adult help you glue the pin to the back.

Mother's Day is all about showing mom how much you love and appreciate her. Check out the next page to learn how to create a special book about you and mom.

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