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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts

"I Have a Dream" Pencil Holder

Celebrate diversity with the "I Have a Dream" Pencil Holder.
Celebrate diversity with the "I Have a Dream" Pencil Holder.

Kids will enjoy making this interesting pencil holder and putting it on their desks to remind them of Martin Luther King Jr. Day all year.

What You'll Need:

Felt: 3x10 inches white, 2x10 inches red, 1x10 inches royal blue, scraps


Black fine-point permanent marker

Acrylic paints: gold, peach, brown, burgundy

4 foam plates

2 foam balls, 1 inch each

Serrated knife

Craft glue

Clean 14-1/2 - to 15-ounce soup can

Trims (yarn, beads, sequins, buttons)


8 wiggle eyes, 7mm each


Red chenille stem

Adult help is needed.

Fold the white felt piece in half, bringing the short ends together. With the permanent marker, draw 2 stick figures. Be sure to leave some space at the top, bottom, and sides of the stick figures for heads, hands, and feet. Unfold the felt, and draw 2 stick figures on the other half.

Drawing the stick figures.
Drawing the stick figures.

Pour a little of each paint color onto separate foam plates. Have an adult help you cut the foam balls in half with the serrated knife to create 4 ball halves. Using a different ball half for each color, dip one at a time into one color of paint, dab off any extra paint, and stamp the ball half onto the felt to make a head on a stick figure. Make the hands and feet by dipping your fingertip into the same color paint and pressing onto the felt. Wipe your finger clean, and move to the next color. Repeat with a different color on all 4 stick figures. Let dry for 24 hours.

Glue the long edges of the blue and red felt to the white felt piece. Let dry. Line up the bottom edge of the felt with the bottom of the can and glue the felt to the can, wrapping around and overlapping at the ends. Press the top edge of the red felt down into the can and glue in place.

"Dress" the stick figures by gluing clothes on them made from felt scraps. For the pants, cut small squares, then cut partway through the middle to make legs. Shirts can be made out of small rectangles; dresses from triangles. Glue on yarn or felt "hair" and decorate clothes and people with felt, glitter, sequins, buttons, and other trim. Use tweezers to help you glue on the wiggle eyes. Glue the red chenille stem around the bottom of the white felt strip, twist the ends to hold, and cut any excess stem.

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