Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts

Peaceful Puppets

Peaceful Puppets Martin Luther King Jr. Day Craft
Peaceful Puppets Martin Luther King Jr. Day Craft

These cute Peaceful Puppets will bring peace into everyone's heart. Make them as a Martin Luther King Jr. Day craft project.

What You'll Need:



Fabric marker


Old colorful socks


It's easy to put on a puppet show about friendship and equality.

To make the puppets, cut out 3 circles from felt. Make 2 the same size and 1 slightly smaller. Draw a peace sign on each circle. Glue larger circles on the toe of a sock to make the eyes and the smaller one below to make the nose of your puppet.

Glue on yarn for hair, and cut out a smile from more felt to make the mouth. You can also cut out neckties and buttons or bows from the felt and glue these on, too. Cut 2 small holes on either side of the sock so your fingers can fit through to become the puppet's arms.

Then put on a play about peace!

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