Kwanzaa Crafts

My Kwanzaa Family
My Kwanzaa family
My Kwanzaa family

My Kwanzaa Family is a wonderful holiday craft project that shows everyone how much your family means to you.

What You'll Need:


Tracing paper

Pencil, scissors

Decorative scrapbook paper or poster board: 7x9 inches red, 5x7 inches green, 4x6 inches yellow, 5x5 inches brown


Craft glue

Black fine-point permanent marker


Child's head

Father's and mother's head (cut 2)

Child's body

Mother's body

Father's body

Father's hands (cut 2)

Child's hat

Father's and mother's hat (cut 2)

Download the Kwanzaa Family pattern, trace, and cut out the father's body pattern on red poster board or scrapbook paper. Repeat for the mother's body pattern using green paper and the child's body pattern using yellow paper.

Trace and cut out two head patterns for the mother and father, one child's head, and two father's hands from brown paper.

Trace and cut out two hat patterns for the mother and father using green paper and one child's hat pattern from red paper. Set aside.

Bring the "arm" parts of the father's "body" together, overlapping the arms in front and stapling them together. Repeat with mother and child cutouts. Glue heads onto the bodies of the mother, father, and child.

Trace the patterns onto colored paper before you cut them out.

Decorate the hats with leftover paper or poster board scraps. Let dry. Fold the father's hat in half, bringing the short ends together, and staple or glue the hat to the father's head. Glue a strip of paper around the bottom of the hat to cover the staple and act like a hat band. Repeat for the mother's hat and the child's hat.

Decorate the hats then use glue to attach them to the father, the mother, and the child.

Insert the bodies one inside the other, turning them so the child is cradled at the center of the family. Draw the fingers on the father's hands with the black marker, then glue them to the front.

Kwanzaa is celebrated for an entire week, so keeping track of what festivities happen when can be hard. Go to the next page to learn how to make a great calendar to help you remember it all.

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