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Kwanzaa Crafts

Animal Anklet

Holiday crafts are not only about decorating your house -- this Kwanzaa activity is all about decorating yourself with cool animal anklets.

What You'll Need:

Self-hardening clay


Craft stick

Thin wire




Clear varnish or nail polish

Small plastic beads



Wear some of Africa's special creatures to your next Kwanzaa party. These bird and animal beads are so small that you can string together a whole herd!

To make your tiny bead animals, roll self-hardening clay into balls the size of grapes. You can make elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, or anything else you want. Use a craft stick to help you form legs, ears, horns, and trunks. Use small pieces of thin wire to make tails or tusks.

Poke a needle through the back of each animal to make a hole. Turn the needle gently to make the hole big enough for thread to pass through. Let the animals dry until the clay is hard.

Paint the animals with bright colors. When the paint is dry, paint the animals with a coat of clear varnish or nail polish. Measure a length of thin wire that will fit comfortably around your ankle. Leave a little extra to make a hook and loop to open and close the anklet.

String small plastic beads onto the wire. Then thread a needle with colored thread and make a knot. Thread the needle through a small bead on the anklet and then through one of your clay animals. Thread through a few more beads; tie the thread onto the anklet so that the animal hangs down.

Repeat this process with the rest of your animals, tying them onto the anklet every inch or so. Make two anklets -- one for each leg.

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