Kwanzaa Crafts

Animal Cracker Magnets

Animal Cracker Magnets Kwanzaa Crafts
Animal Cracker Magnets Kwanzaa Crafts

Making animal cracker magnets is a simple and fun holiday craft activity. Paint the animals in traditional African colors and put them to work holding up all your Kwanzaa and holiday greeting cards.

What You'll Need:

Animal crackers

Permanent markers

Clear nail polish

Magnetic strip



Celebrating the traditional African holiday of Kwanzaa may put you in the mood for an African safari. Create a whole herd of colorful wild animals.

Select the animal crackers. Gently color them with markers in the traditional African colors of red, green, and black. Make sure you don't press too hard while you color, unless you want to end up with a headless or tailless beast!

Brush a light coat of clear nail polish over the colored crackers. Let dry. Turn crackers over, and coat the back of the beasts with nail polish also; let dry.

Cut a small piece of magnetic strip for each beast. Attach the magnet to the cracker with glue. Again, be careful when you press on the crackers. Stick your beautiful beasts to the refrigerator!

Coming up is another great project involving the wild animals of Africa. Learn how to make anklets that you can wear to your next Kwanzaa gathering.

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