Kwanzaa Crafts

Kwanzaa Bag

The beautiful Kwanzaa bag is a great gift -- full or empty -- and an easy holiday craft activity for both kids and adults.

What You'll Need:


Ribbon or cord for drawstring


Embroidery thread and needle


Cut a piece of burlap 10x14 inches. Along the 14-inch side, fold the burlap down an inch to make a tube. Sew the bottom of this tube closed, leaving the sides open so you can thread a ribbon or cord through it for the bag's drawstring. Tie the ribbon or cord to a safety pin, and thread it through the tube. Then make a knot.

Use a marker to write the word "Kwanzaa" on the bag's front. Draw some decorative shapes or lines around the word if you wish.

Use embroidery thread in the traditional African colors of red, green, and black to sew along the word Kwanzaa and whatever else you have drawn. Then fold the bag in half so that the drawstring is at the top and the design is on the inside.

Stitch the sides of the bag together; turn the bag right side out. You can give the empty bag as a gift, or fill it with small toys or Kwanzaa treats.

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