Kwanzaa Crafts

Egg-citing Safari

Egg-citing Safari Kwanzaa Craft
Egg-citing Safari Kwanzaa Craft

Put the animals of Africa into a beautiful centerpiece with an "egg-citing" Kwanzaa safari -- a fun children's holiday craft project.

What You'll Need:


Long hat pin or toothpick


Cardboard egg carton

Markers, paints

Construction paper



Cellophane grass

An adult may need to help you with the first part of this craft.

To make a blown egg, stick a hat pin into the top of a raw egg and carefully dig away small bits of shell to make an opening 1/8-inch wide. Use the pin or a toothpick to stir the egg inside to break the yolk so it can be blown out.

Make a tiny hole in the other end of the egg. Blow through this hole so that the egg's insides will come out the other side. Make sure you are holding the egg over a bowl while you blow.

When the egg is empty, put it under the tap and run water through it. Dry the egg, and put it back in the egg carton until you are ready to use it.

Cut apart the egg cups of the cardboard egg carton. To make each animal, glue one blown egg on top of one upside down egg cup. Color each egg carefully with markers or paints.

When dry, paint on the faces of your favorite African animals -- elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, zebras, lions, and mandrills. Cut out construction paper horns, ears, trunks, tusks, and manes. Carefully glue them on. When the animals are dry, they can be arranged on a plate with cellophane grass for an egg-citing Kwanzaa centerpiece.

Animals are such a central part of traditional African culture. The next project teaches you to make traditional African gold weights, animal figures that were once used as money.

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