Kwanzaa Crafts

Tie-Dye Party Napkins

Making tie-dye party napkins is a colorful Kwanzaa craft for children that involves using a traditional African method of fabric dying. These unique napkins will be perfect for the holiday table.

What You'll Need:



Wooden clothespin

Craft glue

Glue seeds and stones onto a wooden clothespin.

When the glue is dry, wrap the clothespin with a white napkin and wind string around it. Secure the ends of the string with a knot. Leaving the tip white, dip and dab your napkin in bowls of different colored dye.

You may wait for each color to dry before re-dipping if you wish, or you can let the colors blend.

When the entire napkin is dry, cut away the string and open up the napkin to see the design. Each one will be quite different.

The final Kwanzaa project in this article is the mkeka, a woven paper mat that is the Kwanzaa symbol of history.

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