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Kwanzaa Party Favors

Kwanzaa Party Favors Kwanzaa Crafts
Kwanzaa Party Favors Kwanzaa Crafts

Make a miniature flag as a party favor for each person you invite to your holiday karamu, or Kwanzaa celebration feast. It's an easy craft activity that everyone can take part in.

What You'll Need:

White construction paper


Red, black, and green markers

Craft glue


Cut small rectangles (about 1-1/2x1 inches) from white paper. Color the top third of each rectangle red, the middle third black, and the bottom third green.

Glue each of these flags to a toothpick pole by dabbing glue on the back edge of each square. Then roll the glued edge around a toothpick.

Stick the decorated toothpick in a cupcake or other food to make the flag stand up -- and the goodies stand out!

Homemade Kwanzaa candles also make great party favors. On the next page you can learn how to make these colorful candles yourself.

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