How to Make Christmas Crafts for the Kitchen

Making Christmas Plates and Dishes

Brighten any fireplace, shelf, or table in your home with these beautiful Christmas plates. Whether you plan to eat off the plates or decorate with them, we have a little something for everyone with the Christmas crafts for the kitchen in this section.

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We'll show you how to make Christmas plates, dishes, and Christmas china that are delightful to view. If you're looking for something to place on these beautiful Christmas plates, try our delicious recipes.

Marvelous Mantel Plate

You'll Need:
  • Wood plate
  • Medium grade sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Acrylic paint: deep midnight blue, snow white, lamp black, pumpkin, green mist, country blue, heritage brick, forest green
  • Water-base varnish, matte finish
  • Graphite paper (light and dark)
  • Stylus
  • Paintbrushes: #2 flat, 1/2-inch flat, 3/8-inch angle, 10/0 liner

    Marvelous Mantle Plate makes a great Christmas craft to give as a Christmas gift.
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    Marvelous Mantel Plate

To Make Marvelous Mantel Plates:
  1. Prepare wood plate. If necessary, sand and then use tack cloth to remove dust.

  2. Mix equal amounts of deep midnight blue paint and water-base varnish; base and seal plate. Paint a second coat with deep midnight blue paint only. Let dry.

  3. Download Marvelous Mantel Plate pattern here. Print out. With large snowman pattern, light graphite paper, and stylus, transfer basic shapes of pattern onto plate. Base snowman with snow white. (This will take a few thin coats. Let dry between coats.)

  4. Base hat and coal with lamp black. Base carrot nose with pumpkin. Base scarf with green mist. Let dry.

    Transfer the basic shapes of the snowman plate pattern.
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    Transfer the basic shapes.

  5. Transfer details of pattern using dark graphite paper. With angle brush, float shade colors as follows: snow=country blue; carrot nose=heritage brick; scarf=forest green; hat and coal=country blue.

    Float the shade colors.
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    Float the shade colors.

  6. With liner brush, line carrot nose with heritage brick. Add highlights on coal eyes with snow white.

    Line carrot nose with liner brush to make snowman plate.
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    Line carrot nose with liner brush.

  7. On plate rim, alternate pattern placement for little snowmen and snow-flakes. Base coat snowmen with snow white and hats with lamp black. Let dry. With stylus, dot eyes, nose, and buttons on snowmen with lamp black. Line snowflakes with snow white and liner brush, and dot line ends with stylus and snow white. Let dry.

    Alternate between snowmen and flakes on the outer rim.
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Alternate between snowmen and
    flakes on the outer rim.

  8. Finish with a coat of water-base varnish.