How to Make Christmas Crafts for the Kitchen

Making Christmas Mugs, Glasses, and Bottle Toppers

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You've provided everything for the Christmas table -- from the serving trays to the centerpieces. There's only one more category to add to the list of decorations for your Christmas kitchen: mugs and glasses.

We'll show you how to make Christmas mugs, glasses, and bottle toppers in this section. We'll also give you some Christmas beverages to serve inside your Christmas mugs.

Christmas Cheer Mugs

You'll Need:
  • 2 red mugs (with vinyl weave inserts)
  • #24 tapestry needle
  • Floss: red, green
  • Scissors

Christmas Cheer Mugs
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Christmas Cheer Mugs

To Make Christmas Cheer Mugs:
  1. Download Christmas Cheer Mug Cross-stitch pattern here. Print it out. Cross-stitch with 3 of 6 strands of floss. Take mug apart and remove vinyl weave strip.

  2. Find center horizontally and vertically and mark with a pin. Find center of chart by using arrows to determine where to begin stitching.

  3. For second mug, insert Joy in place of Noel.

  4. When stitching is completed, insert vinyl weave back into mug, placing seams next to handle area. Snap insert back into mug.

Cheers! is a wine insulator that you can make as a Christmas craft.
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You'll Need:
  • Scissors: decorative edge, regular
  • 2mm craft foam: periwinkle, light blue, white, purple, pink
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Circle hole punches: 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch
  • Foam glue
  • Fine-tip permanent markers: blue, black
  • Star brads, assorted
To Make Cheers! Bottle Insulator:
  1. Cut a piece of periwinkle foam 41/2 x 101/2 inches. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut sides and top of foam, and use regular scissors to cut bottom edge.This wrap is for a 750 ml bottle, but all bottles aren't the same width. Check to make sure 101/2 inches is long enough to fit around bottle with at least a 1-inch overlap.

  2. Download Cheers! bottle insulator pattern here. Print it and cut out remaining shapes with regular scissors. Punch circles using hole punches. Using foam glue, glue snowman to center of foam cover, placing him at bottom. Glue scarf to snowman and fringe to scarf ends. Glue on arms, and place letters next to snowman.

  3. Dot snowman's eyes with blue marker and mouth with black. Place pink 1/8-inch dots for cheeks and blue 1/8-inch dot for nose. Glue two 1/4-inch dots for buttons on snowman's middle, trim bottom button to match scarf edge. Let dry

    Place dots on the foam.
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    Place dots on the foam.

  4. Scatter a few star brads around snowman, and open wings on back to secure.

  5. Wrap foam around bottle, and mark where you need to secure foam. Remove wrap, and reroll into cylinder shape. Push star brads along overlap and secure inside.

    Wrap foam around the bottle.
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    Wrap foam around the bottle.

  6. Slide wrapper onto bottle.

Spirited Santa Bottle Topper
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Spirited Santa Bottle Topper

Spirited Santa Bottle Topper

You'll Need:
  • Tracing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Compass
  • Straight pin
  • Repositionable tape
  • Ruler
  • Card stock: white, red glitter
  • Gel pens: pink, black, red
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrushes: #2 round, #6 round
  • Glitter
  • 38 inches white baby cloud yarn
  • Large paper clip
  • 24 inches white ribbon, 1/8 inch wide
  • White opaque marker
  • 1/4-inch circle punch
To Make Spirited Santa Bottle Toppers:
  1. Download the Spirited Santa Bottle Topper pattern here. Print it and cut out square face pattern below. Use compass to measure and draw 53/4-inch circle on tracing paper. Mark center of circle with small pencil mark.

  2. Pass straight pin through center X on face pattern, and align pin point with center mark on circle. Tape face pattern in place. Use ruler and pencil to extend lines from face to edge of circle. This will make horizontal hat line and beard lines. Photocopy at lightest setting onto white card stock. Make hat by tracing just the upper semicircle portion above the face. Cut out, and use this as a pattern to trace hat shape on red glitter card stock. Cut out, and set aside.

  3. Using gel pens, outline face side lines, smile, and nose with pink. Use black to fill in eyes and outline eyebrows and mustache. Color cheek ovals with red gel pen. Thin small amount of craft glue with water to paint consistency. Using #2 brush, paint coat of glue on eyebrow and mustache areas. Sprinkle glitter over glue-coated areas. Let dry.

  4. Cut out remaining circle. Cut side top beard lines on each side to use as guide marks. Turn circle over. Using #6 brush, apply coat of glue along bottom half of circle, below beard lines. Sprinkle glitter over area, and let dry.

  5. Turn circle over so face is up, then apply coat of glue on upper semicircle of hat shape, above face. Place red glitter card stock hat shape over glue. Fold 11 inches of white yarn in half, and gently twist strands together. Glue yarn down along bottom edge of hat.

  6. Cut along beard lines to create individual strips. Gently roll and curl each strip around  paintbrush handle, varying curl tightness and length of every other strip.

    Curl each strips around paintbrush.
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    Curl each strips around paintbrush.

  7. Carefully roll upper face and hat portion of circle back to form a cone, overlapping back sides and allowing 1/2-inch opening at top. Glue overlapping sides together, and place paper clip at bottom to hold sides together until glue sets.

  8. Cut 3-inch length of white yarn, and set aside. Fold remaining 24 inches in half; fold in half 2 more times. Wrap 3-inch length around middle of folded yarn, and tie knot to create loose pom-pom. Cut 8-inch length of white ribbon, and tie ends together to create loop hanger. Generously apply glue to inside opening of cone hat. Position hanger at back of opening, then push middle of pom-pom into opening. Let dry completely.

  9. To make gift tag for bag, cut 13/4 x 41/2-inch rectangle from red glitter card stock. Trim corners off top to create point. Use white opaque marker to write holiday note, such as "Here's just a little something to put an extra Ho, Ho, Ho into your Holiday Spirit!" Punch hole at top of tag, thread 16 inches of white ribbon through hole, and tie ribbon ends together.
You're now ready to make Christmas crafts for the kitchen. Get crafting because Christmas is coming.


Christmas Cookie Jar by Tracia Ledford
Reindeer Cookie Jar by Lisa Galvin
Slip, Slide, Skate Penguin Jar by Jill D. Evans
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Snowman Dish by Tamila Darling
Sweet Treats Plate by Jill DeAnn Evans
Bright Lights Cookie Plate by Jill D. Evans
Cookie Wagon Express by Jill Fitzhenry
Christmas Catchall Tray by Lucie Sinkler
Candy Cane Serving Tray by Ed Smith, AIFD
Ribbon Runner by Amy Belonio
Reminiscing Runner by Amy Belonio
Sugarplum Table Accents by Tamila Darling
Garlanded Grater by Ed Smith
Muffin Tin Centerpiece by Ed Smith
Country Christmas Blocks by Carol Spooner
Christmas Cheer Mugs by Joan Green
Cheers! by Amy Belonio
Spirited Santa Bottle Topper by Jill D. Evans