How to Make Christmas Crafts for the Kitchen

One of the joys of the Christmas season is the abundance of special holiday food. Foodies are always happy with the piles of Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes and pies, delicious meats, and side dishes. It seems that we spend all of December in and around the kitchen.

Most people decorate for the holidays by putting up Christmas wreaths and swags around the fireplace, in addition to the Christmas tree that is always lovingly adorned. We're spending so much time in the kitchen that it's surprising that we don't decorate the kitchen.

In this article, we'll teach you how to make Christmas crafts for the kitchen. This way, you'll never have a lack of things to display in the room you frequent the most throughout the winter. In addition, we've matched Christmas recipes on every page so that you have something to eat while you're in the kitchen.
  • Making Christmas Cookie Jars

    Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? There are so many cookie recipe variations, that you can never get bored. If you do enough baking, you know that the problem with Christmas cookies isn't the taste -- it's the storage. We have a solution: Christmas cookie jars. In this section, we'll show you how to make Christmas cookie jars that are the perfect complement to the yummy treats inside.

  • Making Christmas Plates and Dishes

    If you're not giving away your Christmas cookies as gifts, you'll want to display them prominently around your home. It's always a delightful surprise to take the last Christmas cookie and see a beautiful design on the plate. Whether you fancy snowmen, candy, or Christmas lights, we'll show you how to make Christmas plates and dishes in this section.

  • Making Christmas Serving Trays

    Everyone loves a cup of hot chocolate while sitting by the fire. When your spouse is curled up next to the warm fire with a classic Christmas tale, she probably doesn't want to be bothered walking to the kitchen for that delicious snack or drink. Surprise your family and guests by serving them the treats they crave on Christmas serving trays that you've made by hand. We'll show you how to make wagons and candy cane serving trays that show off your creativity with amazing practicality.

  • Making Christmas Table Decorations

    If the kitchen is where you spend all of your time during the holidays, then the dining room is where you focus for the very special occasions. Whether it's Christmas eve dinner or Christmas day brunch, you want your table to appear as pretty and perfect as you keep the rest of the house. In this section, we'll show you how to make Christmas table decorations that will have your guests oohing and aahing -- over both your decor and your cooking.

  • Making Christmas Centerpieces

    What's a Christmas table without a stunning centerpiece? The centerpiece is what draws your eye into the table. Stun your guests with a Christmas centerpiece that you've made with your own two hands. In this section, we'll teach you how. We have lots of different Christmas crafts, whether your decor is country, modern, kitschy, or formal, we have a centerpiece design that you'll be proud to put on your table.

  • Making Christmas Mugs, Glasses, and Bottle Toppers

    If you're drinking as much hot chocolate as most people do, you're going to need a lot of mugs. You're likely to go through all of your regular glasses in a single evening if you throw a large Christmas party. We've got you covered. In this section, we'll show you how to make Christmas mugs, glasses, and bottle toppers so that you can have enough to serve all of your favorite drinks with a lot of holiday spirit.
Let's get started. We'll show you how to make Christmas cookie jars in the next section.