How to Make Christmas Clothing

Wear your heart on your sleeve this Christmas by showing off the Christmas clothing you've made with our easy how-tos. Whether you prefer to knit, quilt, or sew, we'll show you how to make festive Christmas clothing that is sure to delight.

In this article, we'll show you how to make:
  • Christmas Knit Scarves

    Keep warm this winter with classy knit scarves. Knit scarves make great Christmas gifts that your family and friends will love. Whether you're knitting or purling, you're sure to enjoy these Christmas scarf gems. In this section, we'll show you how to make textured scarves, elegant scarves, and scarves fit for a queen.

  • Christmas Knit Mittens and Booties

    Knit something for everyone on your Christmas list this holiday season. Keep big hands and little feet warm with these classic Christmas knit mittens and booties. Other than size, there's not a lot of difference in technique between making mittens and booties. We have even included a no-knit pair of mittens so that you can wow your familiy and friends without ever picking up a pair of needles. We'll show you how to make Christmas mittens and booties.

  • Christmas Shirts and Ties

    Dress your family in festive attire for Christmas dinner. Or, make charming Christmas shirts that are sure to delight through all the days of December. With everything from snowmen on denim to Christmas tree ties to sparkly snowmen, this section has all kinds of shirts and ties for everyone on Santa's list. Learn how to make Christmas shirts and ties within this section.

  • Christmas Vests

    Vests are a great accessory to every outfit. Show your holiday spirit with Christmas vests that you've made yourself. The Victorian and country chic styles we showcase in this section are fun to wear and easy to create. Learn how to make Christmas vests that you'll want to wear all year long in this section.
Get your knitting needles out to make Christmas knit scarves. We'll teach you how in the next section.