How to Make Christmas Cards and Stationery

Making Merry Christmas Cards

Creating these joyful homemade cards is sure to make you feel merry. Make several of each to give out to those special someones during the holidays.

Cross-Stitch-Look Christmas Card
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Here is the finished Cross-Stitch-
Look Christmas Card.

Cross-Stitch-Look Christmas Card

This unique card has the look of a cross stitch, but really it's all done with fabric markers! Here are the materials you'll:

  • 37/8x6 inches (42x65-squares) white 11-count aida cloth
  • Fine-line fabric markers: gold, red, green
  • 43/4x7-inch parchment card and envelope
  • 5/8-inch gold jingle bell

To Make a Cross-Stitch-Look Christmas Card:

  1. The distinctive look of cross stitch is usually made with needle and floss on fabric that has a weave made to look like squares. Instead of using a needle and floss, you will use fabric markers to make the X's, carefully drawing from 1 corner of the square diagonally to the opposite corner. Then make another line crossing over the first, being careful to draw from corner to corner. Practice making X's on extra aida cloth before beginning this project.

    Cross-Stitch-Look Christmas Card
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Use a fabric marker
    to make X's on aida cloth.

  2. Download the graph here, and with the help from an adult to get started, make X's on the aida cloth to create a gold bell. Counting the rows of squares (over and down, etc.) on the graph and then on your cloth will help you find your starting place. You'll want to be extra careful not to smudge any of the ink. After the bell is completed, make the red bow and green border.

  3. To mount the aida cloth on the parchment card, apply a thin line of glue along the edges of the back of the aida cloth. Position the cloth on the center front of the card.

  4. Using the glue gun, place a small amount of glue on the clapper of the bell you have drawn on the cloth. Position the gold jingle bell top-side down in the glue.

Merry & Bright Greetings

Merry & Bright Greetings
©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
Here are the completed JOY card,
HO HO HO card, and Merry
Christmas Recipe Card.

Let your friends and family know how special they are to you with a handmade card! Turn this into a family project. After all, spending extra time with your family makes Christmas even more special. Here's what you'll need to gather:

  • Cardstock: 12x12-inch spring green and solid red sparkle with white backing; green; scraps of white, silver foil, black, red, apple green
  • Cutting tools, punches: 12-inch paper trimmer with replaceable scoring carriage; scissors; 1/8-inch, 5/8-inch circle punches; shape-cutting tools and circles template; self-healing craft mat
  • Embellishments: metal ornament charm, 3 silver spangles, two 1/8-inch silver brads, two 3/4-inch white buttons, two 1/8-inch white brads
  • Repositionable letter stickers: 1/2 inch, 7/8 inch
  • Paper needle
  • String or floss: white, red
  • Adhesive: paper glue, glue dots
  • White felt
  • Rub-on words: Ho Ho Ho

To Make a JOY Card:

  1. Use paper trimmer to trim spring green cardstock to 8x6 inches. Use scoring carriage to score card at 4 inches (so card will be 4x6 inches). Fold card in half. From solid red cardstock, cut a 6x11/4-inch strip. Hand-tear approximately 1/4 inch away along bottom of strip.

    Merry & Bright Greetings
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Use paper trimmer to score card.

  2. Cut 4 inches of white string, and thread on ornament charm. Tie ends together in a knot. Place string over red torn strip. Place a J sticker on a spangle, an O on another, and a Y on last spangle. Thread paper needle with 6 inches of white string, and tie a knot at end. Starting 1 inch in from left side, thread string through bottom of red strip. Thread on spangles, and thread back through red strip about 2 inches to the right. Knot and trim thread ends.

    Merry & Bright Greetings
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Place ornament charm over red strip.

  3. Punch a 1/8-inch hole on either side of red strip near top. Attach a brad in each hole. Glue strip 3/4 inch down from top fold of card. Glue spangles and ornament to card with glue dots.

To Make a HO HO HO Card:

  1. Use paper trimmer to trim solid red cardstock to 6x10 inches. Score at 5 inches (making card 6x5 inches), and fold in half. Cut 11/4x31/4-inch rectangle from spring green cardstock and a 1x23/4-inch rectangle from white cardstock. From silver foil cardstock, cut 11/2-inch square; mark and cut out 3/4-inch square in center to create buckle.

  2. Cut 5x23/4-inch rectangle from black cardstock. Use scissors to cut curves along the top and bottom of black rectangle to create curved belt. Cut 5x21/2-inch rectangle from white felt; fold felt in half, and cut a curve along bottom to fold for fur trim.

    Merry & Bright Greetings
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Cut curve along bottom of white felt.

  3. Rub HO HO HO onto white rectangle; glue to green rectangle slightly askew. Thread red floss through button holes, and tie off on back. Glue all pieces to card, referring to photo above.

To Make a Merry Christmas Recipe Card:

  1. Trim green cardstock to 6x91/2 inches with paper trimmer. Score fold lines at 31/2 and 81/4 inches down from 1 short end. Fold both flaps to front so they meet.

    Merry & Bright Greetings
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Fold at scored lines to create flaps.

  2. Using shape cutter and template, cut a 11/2-inch and two 1-inch circles from red cardstock. Cut 1-inch and 11/2-inch circle from apple green cardstock. Cut 1-inch red circle in half. Punch 2 red and 3 apple green circles using 5/8-inch circle punch.

  3. Adhere each side of 11/4-inch bottom strip to create an envelope pocket along bottom. Position and glue half circles to front flaps so they meet when flaps are closed. Position and glue all circles on front of card except 1 red and 1 apple green 5/8-inch circle. Place (do not glue) a red and an apple green circle punch on either side of front flaps in middle near flap edges. Using 1/8-inch circle punch, punch a hole through center of each circle and flap. Attach a white mini brad in each hole. Cut 4 inches of white string. Wind 1 end of string around brad under circle to attach.

  4. Press letter stickers in place on front of envelope. Include a handwritten note or a recipe for an extra-special Christmas surprise.

Add a little sparkle to your holiday cards by making the jeweled Christmas greetings found on the next page.