How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket

Assembling a Christmas Gift Basket

Before we delve into the many decorative bags and boxes you can make for your Christmas gift basket, we should take a moment to decide what you will put in your basket. While there are many preassembled gift baskets that you can buy in the stores, they won't have that personalized touch that will really mean something to you and the gift's recipient. Here are some popular gifts to keep in mind:

Wine is always a good gift -- look for a bottle with a special holiday label or flavor. Wrap the wine in a pretty bag for a glamorous presentation that's sure to impress.

Candles are always a festive gift, especially around the holidays.
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Candles are always a festive gift,
especially around the holidays.

Candles are festive gifts. Spiff up pillar candles by tying a pretty ribbon around them. Votives look nice grouped in threes and matched with nice votive holders. Tapers can be tied together and presented with a wrapped box of matches.

Gift soaps are lovely treasures that we hesitate to buy for ourselves. Purchase a box of several, and wrap them individually when you need a quick present. Pair them with a holiday hand towel for an extra thoughtful gift.

Who doesn't like getting a box of their favorite candies? A small box with sumptuous chocolates works as well as a larger one with a less-than-appealing assortment.

Picture frames with a photo of you and the host or a thank-you note inside show that you put thought into your selection.

Holiday music CDs are always appreciated, as are bath salts and oils in a soothing scent. What a perfect way for your host to unwind after the party!

Coasters make a lovely present. Select ones that match your recipient's decor or that have a holiday theme.

Now that you have your gifts assembled, we will show you some great Christmas wrappings you can put them in that you can make yourself. We'll get started with gift bags in the next section.