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How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Egg Critter

This year, Easter morning could bring a visit from the Egg Critter! It's fun to make this crafty creation, and it looks "eggs-tremely" adorable. Below are some suggestions to get you started, but let your imagination run wild!

What You'll Need:

Cool-temp glue gun


White posterboard -- two pieces, 2x3 inches

Orange felt -- two pieces, 2x3 inches

Red felt

2-inch yellow plastic egg

2-inch yellow pom-pom

2 wiggle eyes

Feathers (assorted colors): three 4-inches long, two 2-inches long

Draw a foot shape onto the posterboard and cut it out. Using this as your pattern, draw and cut out another foot from the second piece of posterboard, and then cut two feet from the orange felt.

With an adult's help, glue the felt feet to posterboard feet. Place the feet (felt-side up) on a work surface, about 1/4 inch apart.

Glue the yellow plastic egg to the feet -- this is your critter's body. For the critter's head, glue the pom-pom to top of egg.

Draw and cut out a beak or lips from red felt and then glue it on the lower part of the head. With an adult's help (this can be tricky), glue the wiggle eyes to the head.

For tail feathers, glue the four-inch feathers to lower back of egg. For wings, glue the two-inch feathers to the sides of the body.

Want to decorate more eggs? There are more fun ways to give your eggs an unusual and colorful look. How about a checkered egg, or a plaid egg? Impossible? Read on!

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