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How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorative Painted Eggs

Decorative painted eggs are a great addition to your Easter celebration. Paint a portrait, picture, or scene on an egg, and follow in the footsteps of an ancient Chinese tradition.

What You'll Need:

Raw egg


Paper clip


Modeling clay




Before painting the eggshell, remove the egg inside by piercing the shell with a paper clip -- then your painting can last for a long time. First, unbend a paper clip and wash it. Then, carefully make a small opening in the larger end of the egg by gently piercing the shell with the paper clip.

Push the paper clip far enough into the egg to break the yolk inside, and gently stir the clip in the egg so the contents will come out. Pour the egg contents out into a small container and discard.

Make a modeling clay "collar" for the eggshell by rolling the clay into a snake shape. Then flatten it, and form it into an egg-sized circle. Set the eggshell, hole side down (and hidden!), in the clay collar.

Now your "egg canvas" is ready for painting. Paint a picture on the shell using watercolors, or sketch your drawing on the shell with pencil first (don't press too hard!) and then paint.

Even the traditional egg-coloring method of placing eggs in dye can have a new twist -- when you use special ingredients to make swirly and drizzled colors. Find out how to give your eggs this great look.

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