How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Egg Holders

Egg Holder Easter Activity
Egg Holder Easter Activity

Display your Easter eggs proudly with these cute egg holders. They'll look great on your family's Easter table -- and be a nice surprise for the Easter Bunny!

What You'll Need:

Construction paper

Markers or colored pencils


Blunt ­scissors

Transparent tape

For each of your Easter eggs, draw a baby chick on a piece of construction paper. The wings and feet should be strips that extend at least 7 inches long. (You'll use these to hold and wrap around the egg.)

Color in the baby chick's features using markers or colored pencils. Cut out the chick shape. If you want, trim the wing strip so that the edge is scalloped to make "feathers."

Tape the ends of the feet strip together to make a ring. Make sure it's big enough to stand an Easter egg in the ring (but not so big that the egg wobbles).

Tape the ends of the wing strips together to "hug" the egg and hold it in place. What a nice chick!

For really special Easter eggs, try using the shell as a "canvas" and paint a picture on it. This type of decorative painting on eggs has been done for thousands of years -- long before there were Easter eggs. Go to the next page for painting tips.

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