How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Green-Haired Eggheads

Green-Haired Eggheads Easter Activity
Green-Haired Eggheads Easter Activity

Easter meals can be fun, thanks to some Green-Haired Eggheads! These eggshell people are fun to make -- and later they'll provide nutritious sprouts too. Ask your family to save all their empty eggshell halves for you. You'll keep the whole family giggling -- and saying "Yum!"

What You'll Need:

Empty eggshell halves

Waterproof markers

Cotton balls

Sprout seeds, such as alfalfa, soybean, sunflower, or lentil

Egg carton

Carefully wash and dry the eggshells. Using the markers, draw funny or scary faces on each one. If you wish, write a name on the back of each egghead.

Sprinkle a little water on the cotton balls to dampen them. Press cotton balls into each eggshell until the shells are almost full.

Poke holes in the cotton, and plant a few sprout seeds in each one. Place your eggshell people in an egg carton, and find a sunny window ledge for them to live on.

Make sure to keep the cotton damp. In a few days, the seeds will sprout and your eggshell friends will start to grow green hair.

When the sprouts have grown a few inches, you can give your eggheads a "haircut" and use the sprouts to make green-hair sandwiches for a fun-filled Easter lunch!

Want to learn a new way to color Easter eggs? Look in the pantry. Onion skins create a natural dye that will give your eggs an interesting color. Keep reading.

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