How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Earth-Toned Eggs

Try something different this Easter by making earth-toned eggs when you create your own Easter egg dye. People have done this for years instead of buying commercial dye. The shades that come from natural ingredients give your eggs a soft, earthy look.

What You'll Need:










Enamel pots


Kitchen knife



Hard-boiled eggs

Vegetable oil

Soft cloth

Wash and chop up the fruits and vegetables. Have an adult help you with the cutting and with boiling the water.

When you have your ingredients ready, put one kind of fruit or vegetable in an enamel pot and fill it with water until your ingredient is completely covered. Boil for 10 minutes or longer, depending on how dark you want your color to be. The longer you boil, the darker the color. Just make sure that you don't boil all the water out!

Strain the ingredients through a colander lined with cheesecloth or a clean rag. (You won't need to do this if you have used tea bags or made your coffee in a machine.)

Once your dye has cooled, dip hard-boiled eggs into the liquid for several minutes. Repeat the process with all the ingredients to have cartons of earth-toned Easter eggs.

You can also make your eggs shine by wiping them with a soft cloth that has a few drops of vegetable oil on it.

Even raw eggs can be used for Easter fun. Ask Mom or Dad to save the eggshell halves when they cook with eggs. You can turn the shells into an "egghead" family that grows green hair. Keep reading to find out how.

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