How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Checkered and Plaid Easter Eggs

Whoever heard of an Easter basket with checkered and plaid Easter eggs? Now, you have! Here's a fun and easy project. It may take a little more time than plain colored eggs, but wait until you see the results!

What You'll Need:

Easter egg dye

Hard-boiled eggs

Duct tape



Mix the egg dye according to directions. Dye each egg a solid color. Use the lightest color first. Take the eggs out of the dye bath, and let them dry.

Cut 1/8-inch-thick strips of duct tape. Put the tape strips on the colored eggs, running some strips top to bottom, and others around the egg. Be sure you leave some eggshell showing.

Place the egg into the medium color dye; let it sit for 20 minutes. Take the egg out, and take off every other strip of tape.

Place the egg into the darkest color; let it sit for 20 minutes. Take the egg out. Remove the last strips of tape.

Experiment with different patterns on the rest of your eggs.

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