How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs
Decorating Easter eggs is fun. Corbis/VCG/Getty Images


The tradition of decorating Easter eggs goes back many hundreds of years -- so far, in fact, that no one is exactly sure when it started. What is known is that an egg is the symbol for rebirth and new life in many different cultures.

In the Christian religion, Easter is celebrated as the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In more recent years, though, Easter has become as much a secular (not associated with a religion) holiday as a religious one. The coming of springtime brings rebirth and new life to the flowers and trees, and people all over the world celebrate the season by decorating Easter eggs.

In this article you'll find several different ways to decorate Easter eggs, along with a game and even a magic trick. Check out the following pages to get started on these "eggs-cellent" projects!

Smart Egg Trick

Can you train an egg to know when to sink or when to float in a glass of water? Your friends will think you can!

Alphabet Egg Hunt

Find the alphabet eggs -- and then see who can make the most words from their letters.

Earth-Toned Eggs

Making egg dyes from vegetables and fruits will give your Easter eggs an earthy look. Mother Nature-approved!

Green-Haired Eggheads

Let these eggshell people invade your home. What's their secret? Their "hair" is edible!

Easter Eggs

Long before there were commercial egg dyes, people colored their eggs by using onion skins. You can too!

Egg Holders

These baby-chick egg holders proudly show off your Easter eggs. What a nice surprise for Easter guests.

Decorative Painted Eggs

Try your hand at this ancient Chinese tradition. It's a little tricky but worth the effort.

Swirly Colored and Drizzled Eggs

Easter eggs don't have to be plain! A little rubber cement or cooking oil creates swirly colors.

Egg Critter

Is it from another planet? You decide! This egg critter's look can be as wild as your imagination.

Checkered and Plaid Eggs

Checks and plaids are what all the well-dressed eggs are wearing this season. Try this clever way to dress up your eggs!

Easter Egg Sweatshirt

You can decorate Easter eggs -- and use Easter eggs to decorate. Learn how with this project.

Before you color your Easter eggs, teach them a few things -- like how to sink or swim. Learn how to "train" your eggs to follow your instructions. Your friends will be amazed!

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