Hanukkah Crafts

Happy Hanukkah Paper
Sponges are easy to cut when they're compressed.
Sponges are easy to cut when they're compressed.

Wrap Hanukkah gifts in paper that you make using sponge-painting techniques.

What You'll Need:


Compressed sponges


Paper towels

Kraft paper

Acrylic paint: blue, yellow, white

3 foam plates

Old toothbrush

Download the stencils of a Star of David and dreidel as a PDF. Then trace and cut out the shapes from the compressed sponges.

Run the sponge shapes under water, and press out any excess water with paper towels.

Cut the kraft paper to the size you need to wrap a gift. Pour blue paint and yellow paint onto separate foam plates. Dip the Star of David sponge into yellow paint, coating one side. Press the sponge onto the paper. (You will probably have to dip the sponge into the paint a few times to cover the paper with stars.) Let dry.

Use the sponges to create shapes on your wrapping paper.

Now use the dreidel sponge and blue paint to add dreidels to your gift wrap. Let dry.

Pour the white paint onto a foam plate, then load an old toothbrush with the paint.

An old toothbrush works well for spatter-painting.

To spatter-paint the paper, hold the brush over the paper, and run your finger over the bristles. Let dry.

Wrap a Hanukkah gift in the paper, and add a matching ribbon for that extra-special touch. Your present will look almost too pretty to open.

All finished. What a great way to give a gift.

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