Hanukkah Crafts

Festival in Lights
Milk cartons serve as a base.
Milk cartons serve as a base.

Celebrate Hanukkah with a "Festival in Lights" in your home. Pretty and colorful covers hide the flashlights you use in place of a candles.

What You'll Need:

8 empty milk cartons


Blue or white paper

Glue or tape

Thin cardboard


Colored tissue paper

8 small flashlights

Wash and dry the milk cartons, and cut off the tops.

Wrap the remaining base with blue or white construction paper, and secure it with glue or tape.

If you overlap the paper, the glue will hold better.

Draw a candle template on thin cardboard, and cut it out. Lay it on the front of each milk carton base and trace around it.

Carefully cut out the candle shape. Glue a square of colored tissue paper inside the carton to cover the candle-shaped hole.

Colored tissue behind the cutout shape gives the candle its glow.

Line up the cartons, and place a small flashlight inside each. When the flashlights are on, the "candles" glow in soft colors. Light one candle for each night of Hanukkah!

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