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Hanukkah Crafts

Wish Gifts

With eight days of gift-giving during Hanukkah, a "Wish Gifts" bag can help solve the old "What should I get them?" question. With a wish gift, you can give someone a castle, a giraffe, a Ferris wheel -- or anything else.

Does your sister want a sports car? Would Dad like a new camera? Even if you're a little short on cash, you can give your loved ones what they really want. Let family and friends know you're thinking of them during Hanukkah with a special Wish Gifts bag.


What You'll Need:

Old magazines and catalogs




White bag


First, cut out pictures from old magazines or catalogs of the presents you'd like to give.

Lay the pictures on cardboard, trace around the edges of the pictures, and cut out the cardboard shapes. Glue each picture onto its cardboard shape.

Put all the pictures into a white paper bag that has been specially decorated for whoever will receive it. Write "I Wish I Could Give You..." on the outside of the bag.

Part of the celebration of Hanukkah is the special food that's prepared. Learn about a new twist on the standard potato latkes. It's all there on the next page.

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