Hanukkah Crafts

Easy I.D. Bracelet

First step -- cut the tube.
First step -- cut the tube.

This Hanukkah, create a personalized bracelet that everyone will love. Made with paper towel tubes and your creative eye, these eye-catching bracelets make wonderful gifts.

What You'll Need:

Paper towel tube





Cut two inches of cardboard from a paper towel tube.

Then cut a slit down one side of the two-inch tube so that it can be worn on a wrist. Now, it's a bracelet.

Paint the bracelet however you want.

Personalize your the bracelet. Personalize your the bracelet.
Personalize your the bracelet.

When the paint dries, write the name of the person for whom you're making the bracelet in large letters. You also can decorate around the name with tiny polka dots, squiggles, or hearts.

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