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Hanukkah Banner

Hanukkah Banner
Hanukkah Banner

Count the days of Hanukkah with this hanging Hanukkah banner.

What You'll Need:

Pennant felt: 17×20 inches navy blue; 11×13 inches gold; 3-1/2×7 inches white

Gold spray paint

18-inch wooden dowel, 1/2 inch diameter

Two 1-1/8-inch wooden doll pin bases

Two 1-1/4-inch wooden head beads

19-inch length of gold fringe, 4 inches wide

28-inch length of gold metallic cord

Using the pattern you can download here, trace and cut the menorah from the gold felt. Working with an adult in a well-ventilated area, spray the menorah with two coats of gold spray paint; let dry. Spray the dowel, the two doll pin bases, and the two head beads with two coats of gold spray paint; let dry.

Spray paint the dowel. (Step 1) Spray paint the dowel. (Step 1)
Spray paint the dowel. (Step 1)

To make a hem in the 17-inch side of the blue felt, fold over two inches of the felt and crease it. Unfold, apply a line of glue 1/4 inch from the edge, and refold the felt. Hold it in place until the glue dries. Be sure to leave enough room between the crease and the glue line to insert the dowel.

Using the patterns here, trace and cut nine candles from the white pennant felt and nine flames from the gold pennant felt.

Glue the fringe to the bottom of the A banner so that one inch of fringe sticks out from each side. Fold and glue the one-inch sections of fringe to the back of the banner. Position the menorah and candles as in the illustration, and then glue them to the banner.

Roll nine 1-1/2-inch lengths of masking tape into loops with the sticky side out, and put one on the back of each flame. (You can add one flame to the banner on each day of Hanukkah.)

Slide the dowel through the hem at the top of the banner. Glue a head bead to a doll pin base, and then glue them to one end of the dowel. Repeat on the other end of the dowel. To make a hanger, tie the ends of the cord to the ends of the dowel.

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