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Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah Candle Cutouts

Your candle cutouts will look pretty when the sun shines through them.
Your candle cutouts will look pretty when the sun shines through them.

Hanukkah candle cutouts are pretty and decorative. Ask an adult for help with using a craft knife on this project -- it's sometimes tricky, even for grown-ups -- but you should be able to do the rest on your own. The instructions are for one candle, so make one for each day of Hanukkah.

What You'll Need:




Craft knife (adult use only)

Black construction paper


Colored cellophane or tissue paper



Old crayons (yellow, red, orange)

Cheese grater

Waxed paper


Craft glue

Hole punch

String or yarn

On a rectangle of cardboard, draw a candle shape and a flame shape (see the illustration below).

Ask an adult to cut out the shapes using the craft knife; this is your tracing stencil.

Make two equal-size rectangles from black paper. Use the cardboard to trace the candle and flame shapes onto the black rectangles. Cut out the shapes.

Choose a color of cellophane or tissue paper, and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the candle stem. Tape the colored paper to a black rectangle so it covers the cutout stem shape. The colored paper makes the candle look as if it's glowing.

We know a menorah is an important part of Hanukkah. Continue on to the next page to learn how to make one that looks -- and tastes -- great.

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