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Hanukkah Crafts

Star of David Bookmarks

These bookmarks make great gifts.
These bookmarks make great gifts.

Make a Star of David bookmark as Hanukkah gift to last throughout the year. They're easy to make, so plan to create several to give to family and friends.

Ask an adult to help you with the cutting in this project, but then the rest of the fun is all yours.


What You'll Need:

Firm potatoes


Paper towels




Construction paper


Hole punch


Choose and wash a firm potato. Cut it in half. Pat the potato dry with a paper towel.

Using a marker, draw a Star of David on the white part of the potato half. Carefully cut the potato away around the star outline. When you finish you will have a raised star.

Cut a dozen inch-long rectangles from construction paper to make the bookmarks. Be sure to cut them a little wider than your potato star shape.

Brush a thick, even layer of paint onto the star shape. Carefully press it onto the bookmark where you want a star. Then lift the potato straight up -- don't wiggle or drag it when you lift it.

Print a row of stars along the bookmark. Try painting half the potato shape with one color and the other half a different color. When the paint has dried, write messages on the bookmarks, such as "Happy Hanukkah" -- or personalize the bookmark by writing the person's name who you are giving the bookmark to.

Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark, and thread the ribbon through the hole for a really decorative touch.

Spinning a dreidel is a traditional game during Hanukkah. It's even more fun when you make the dreidel yourself. Keep reading to find out how.

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