Halloween Crafts for Kids

Magic Glove

To your audience, this is no ordinary glove -- it's a Magic Glove. Only you know the real truth. Thrill your friends with this amazing magic trick on Halloween.

What You'll Need:

Long shiny glove



Playing cards


Before doing this trick, tell your audience that the glove on your hand has magic Halloween powers.

Lay your gloved hand on a table, and push a card under it. Keep pushing cards under it until there are 10 cards. Say "Abracadabra," and slowly lift your hand. All the cards will raise up with your hand! How did you do it? Everyone will want to know.

Your secret is this: The ring you are wearing on the middle finger of your glove has a toothpick stuck in it along the underside of your hand. The toothpick holds the first card, and the rest of the cards hold the others as you push them in one by one. Now that's magic!

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